Flower will break language barrier


Of course I love music, but I have felt something like guilty to music.

Because I gave up practicing a piano after I had learned for many years.

It was the first time to quit something with my will.

So I know how difficult it is to play instruments well.

That is why I said “Flower is the same ” after a hesitation,

when I was talking with musicians about “Music breaks language barrier”

I was sure that flower is the same.

But I was not sure whether flowers I arranged had worth to a music

based on their huge efforts.


Today, I was happy to see my flower were suit to the church

and Bach.

I am very happy to go back to music

after I gave up it and found another thing.


Heel erg bedankt

I had looked for bamboos the last week to create ikebana vase,

then I found it in a doityourself shop yesterday!

It was so huge that I was able to hung around whole day. They had Buddha or flamingo statues and bamboos too!

It was very funny that Dutch man and Japanese woman were buying 4 bamboos

the length of which is more than 2m in the early morning!

While I was laughing, he cut them, and smoothed their edges

and created vases for ikebana!

That was amazing.

I will arrange ikebana for a concert in a church on Sunday!

DSC_0635 DSC_0639


Ryoko Nishimura

A view from away



It was Japan Market at “Japan Cultural Exchange” ( next to my house).

I presented ikebana works there.


When I went to flower stands and markets,

willows looked pretty close to Japanese one.

So I took willows at first, then narcissusses and tulips

because they are very available here.


But I got surprised when I started arranging willows in ikebana.

They were actually from Japanese one.

They were thinner and squiggle on everywhere.

Its natural shape will be nice when I arrange into  a vase

but it wasn’t a right way to force forming to exact Japanese traditional shape.

conversely narcissusses and tulips I was thinking about how to use their differences

were simply arranged.


I found that I have to see differences of flowers

and using them as they are.

Here, I am in Holland, not Japan.

We always say

ikebana should be natural as the flower is.

I caught such basic thing

after I left my country.


_DSF2432 _DSF2450


Hello, Amsterdam I’m Hiroki

Hello, I’m Hiroki Yokoyama, who stays in Amsterdam from 21st of July till 31st of August. I will hold a Green Tea Cheese Fondue Party!!


I love eating.  That’s why I mix food culture and art culture for intercommunication between Holland and Japan.


It’s already passed a week, sorry for that  I didn’t posted to the weblog.


I play the drums in a hard core punk band “Flat Sucks“, and sometimes do performance. I also dance in a community dance company these days, not well-trained though. But I played basket ball, base ball, and Kyudo(a kind of Japanese archery) when I was a student, so about body is interesting ever for me.

Flat Sucks 1
Flat Sucks(click to youtube)

Communication is very important for my performance because I feel joy to live as a human being when I communicate  with the people. Of course it’s also precious to communicate with myself and other things in the nature. My policy‘s here. I don’t care so much about the way to  act if the view point is following the policy.

Kyoto station
At Kyoto station









2013-11-16 14.08.47


さて、2013.11.16 DESHIMAプロジェクトの拠点、日本文化センターアムステルダム(JCC)にて、
yna van der Meulenさん(ceramic magazine editor)による、「日本の陶芸」についてのレクチャーが行われました。


2013-11-16 13.40.39 2013-11-16 15.00.06