2017 – Silence is also sound

We would like to kindly invite you for the unique performance by Toshikazu Marumachi. He is the most recent particpant of Deshima AIR Amsterdam.

Toshikazu Marumachi is a performer from Hiroshima, with a background in traditional Noh-theater and experiences in contemporary performing arts. In his work he explores the concepts of Noh: Ma 間, Jo-ha-kyū 序破急 and In-Yō 陰陽. Based on these concepts he developed a unique style of sound and movement.

Together with Amsterdam based artists Miyuki Inoue and The Genetic Choir, he will explore sound and silence from different perspectives. Ma, the radiant silence in between, has a very prominent place in Japanese art. On the other hand it’s a challenge for Western European performers to ‘leave space’.

The program consists of three parts:
– a solo by Toshikazu Marumachi
In this piece he will show his unique style of Noh-theater and contemporary performance.
– a duet by Toshikazu Marumachi and Miyuki Inoue

They will show an improvised piece which plays around Japanese vocal expression which is taken from Noh, Kyogen and Japanese onomatopoeia.
– Toshikazu Marumachi and The Genetic Choir
The title of this piece is: Between . the . words. They are exploring what is said between the lines in Japanese and in Dutch. Where do these expressions meet or contrast each other?

The Genetic Choir is an ensemble of voices that work on a wild range of locations singing and growling instantly composed concerts. During their tour in Japan september 2016, they met Toshikazu at the Creative Music Festival in Hiroshima.

Miyuki Inoue is visual artist who works with voice, sound, installation, performance. She works with group of people in her participatory piece. In this performance, inspired by speaking horn, she will bring singing instruments that she has created or collected.

Tuesday 18th April, 20:30 hrs
Dokzaal, Plantage Doklaan 8-12, 1018CM Amsterdam

Tickets: 8 euro, doors open 20:00
RSVP deshima.air@gmail.com