About Deshima AIR

The Deshima AIR project is an initiative to promote the cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Japan.

Netherlands and Japan have more than four hundred years of trade relations with each other and have build a special cultural and scientific ties.
During a period of over 200 years until the mid-nineteenth century, the Dutch were the only Westerners who had access to Japan. On the island of Deshima in Nagasaki was a trading post established. Annually, a so-called court journey undertaken to the Shogun in Edo, now Tokyo. Deshima was Japan’s window on the West.
The Deshima AIR project wants this special relationship to continue and where possible expand it.

The Deshima AIR project calls artists and people with a creative and open mind in order to submit a project.
Projects with special attention to the geographical, cultural, historical or social situation of Amsterdam (Netherlands) are preferred. What would you learn from Dutch society and what would you contribute to Dutch society are main topics.

During Deshima AIR project you will stay in the heart of Amsterdam. As a resident you can better experience than a tourist from a hotel or guesthouse the everyday life in the city. In this way, a mutual exchange of Dutch and Japanese culture becomes reality.
The team of Deshima AIR project will guide you in Amsterdam and – where possible – support your project.
Of the participants is a large degree of independence, curiosity and flexibility expected.

a mutual exchange of Dutch and Japanese culture becomes reality