A view from away



It was Japan Market at “Japan Cultural Exchange” ( next to my house).

I presented ikebana works there.


When I went to flower stands and markets,

willows looked pretty close to Japanese one.

So I took willows at first, then narcissusses and tulips

because they are very available here.


But I got surprised when I started arranging willows in ikebana.

They were actually from Japanese one.

They were thinner and squiggle on everywhere.

Its natural shape will be nice when I arrange into  a vase

but it wasn’t a right way to force forming to exact Japanese traditional shape.

conversely narcissusses and tulips I was thinking about how to use their differences

were simply arranged.


I found that I have to see differences of flowers

and using them as they are.

Here, I am in Holland, not Japan.

We always say

ikebana should be natural as the flower is.

I caught such basic thing

after I left my country.


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