2018 – Exhibition Kooi & Miura

As part of the five-year anniversary of Deshima AIR, the exhibition of Susan Kooi and Hiroki Miura will be opened on Thursday the 3th of May. You are most welcome to visit this duo exhibition in the center of Amsterdam.

With a scholarship of the Mondriaanfonds, In 2017 Dutch artist Susan Kooi resided in the Japanse village Arita, which is known for its porcelain tradition. While staying there as an Artist in Residence, Kooi met Japanese potter Hiroki Miura. They appeared to have a mutual interest in Japanese prehistoric clay figures called dogū. This sparked the beginning of their collaboration by exchanging work methods and sharing inspirations, and giving new life to the age old dogū.


Miura’s figurines are based on people he sees around him. He is using prehistoric methods in producing them: detailed sculptures, using his own collected clay, rope imprints, and baking outdoor in open firing.

Kooi is inspired by the alien space travel elements in the all-female dogū. Depicting ancient figurines, she is using porcelain and glow in the dark glazing, which she developed together with a chemist in Saga’s ceramic laboratory.

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When: Thursday May 3 2018, 17:00 ~ 20:00

Where: Zuiderkerkhof 7, 1011 WB Amsterdam (opposite to the Zuiderkerk)