Hello, Amsterdam I’m Hiroki

Hello, I’m Hiroki Yokoyama, who stays in Amsterdam from 21st of July till 31st of August. I will hold a Green Tea Cheese Fondue Party!!


I love eating.  That’s why I mix food culture and art culture for intercommunication between Holland and Japan.


It’s already passed a week, sorry for that  I didn’t posted to the weblog.


I play the drums in a hard core punk band “Flat Sucks“, and sometimes do performance. I also dance in a community dance company these days, not well-trained though. But I played basket ball, base ball, and Kyudo(a kind of Japanese archery) when I was a student, so about body is interesting ever for me.

Flat Sucks 1
Flat Sucks(click to youtube)

Communication is very important for my performance because I feel joy to live as a human being when I communicate  with the people. Of course it’s also precious to communicate with myself and other things in the nature. My policy‘s here. I don’t care so much about the way to  act if the view point is following the policy.

Kyoto station
At Kyoto station






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