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By invitation of Deshima AIR (Artist in Residence) Amsterdam the Japanese artist Yoshimi Miyamoto* will give a presentation about her work on September 26. She lived and worked in Amsterdam during the last three months to explore the “Dutch Light”. Light, not only in the meaning of a natural phenomenon, but also in relation to the senses and her encounters with the Dutch culture.

Yoshimi Miyamoto about her residency:
I‘m interested in the “Dutch Light” and I want to express this in my watercolour paintings. In Japan I have developed my own way of painting, such as to paint with watercolour on cotton. This gives a soft effect in my paintings. For every painting I mix an unique black colour and I build an image out of many layers of grey. I will exhibit some recent paintings, I made in Amsterdam. I will talk about my earlier work and show photographs of them. I will also demonstrate my technique of painting. After my presentation I will be pleased to invite you for a discussion about the Dutch Light and the influence on the contemporary Dutch Art.

Presentation “Dutch Light”: Saturday September 26, 2015 from 3:00 till 4:00 pm
JCC, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177, 1012 RK Amsterdam (above the Japanse Winkeltje)

* Yoshimi Miyamoto received a prize from the Gotoh Memorial Foundation for her work. She will stay in the Netherlands for one year. Deshima AIR is the beginning of this period. More about Yoshimi Miyamoto

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