Ryoko Nishimura

11406409_507774429370969_1341572158707126861_n.jpgBy invitation of Deshima AIR Amsterdam the Japanese artist Ryoko Nishimura will realise a flower-exhibition on the Watertuinen on the Hobbemakade (right next to the Rijksmuseum). The assembly and exhibition of United Flowers Amsterdam will be on display from the 12th to the 17th of June, both day and night.

Ryoko Nishimura is an Ikebana (Japanese flower-arrangement) artist from Kyoto. She works together with locals and volunteers from the Watertuinen to realise this unique project.
Japanese Ikebana art has never before been shown in this form in the Netherlands. Western flower-arrangement art is primarily concerned with filling the available space, whilst Ikebana art focuses on creating space. This Japanese mind-set is especially interesting and applicable to community-based initiatives in the increasingly busy Amsterdam (De Pijp).

Ryoko Nishimura on her project:
“I think Ikebana is not just about the beauty of the flower, but also about the beauty of the vase and the surrounding space. For United Flowers Amsterdam I consider Amsterdam to be the vase in which I wish to create a moment of beauty. I have noticed that people from the Netherlands share a common love for flowers. I hope that all passers-by will enjoy my flower-exhibition in the same way.”

12th of June Arranging of the flowers on the Watertuinen
13th of June 3 PM Openingsceremony by Menno Fitski,
curator of the Rijksmuseum Asian art pavilion
13th to 17th of June Exhibition – Open for public day and night

United Flowers Amsterdam is supported by the AFK.
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Supported by:
Rudy Klaassen
Studio HB
Natuur en Milieu Zuid
Sas Bloemen Edam
Boerma Instituut


Opening speeches:
Menno Fitski
Ryoko Nishimura


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