Hitomi Hashimoto

From the 1st of March till the 31st of March, jewelry designer Hitomi Hashimoto will participate in the Deshima AIR program. She will visit Amsterdam to do research on her work, give a workshop about her way of creation and presenting her work in the City of Silver Schoonhoven. During het stay she wants to exchange her expertise and knowledge about jewelry making with the Dutch community. She also wants to research on her series ‘world map accessories’; about how residents of the Netherlands see their neighboring countries compared to the Japanese perspective.

I am interested in reconsidering the unique character of Japanese arts and crafts and the Dutch perspective on Japanese arts and crafts.

The World Map Accessories

Hitomi is a jewelry designer from Tokyo, working with various kinds of metal.
She studied at the Musashino Art University  /  Metalworking speciality of crafts subject  and at the Tokyo National University of fine arts and music: Metal casting speciality of crafts subject.
In 2009 she won the Special Jury’s Award at the 48th Japan Crafts Design Competition and in 2014  she won the Special Jury’s Award at the Aoyama, Tokyo Spiral Independent Creators Festival.
In addition to her profession as a jewelry designer and artist, she is a part-time assistant at Art University in Tokyo.

The program will be organized in collaboration with Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Vakschool Sieraden Schoonhoven, Atelier Passi, Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven, Atelier Dubbelop.

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