Sail Amsterdam

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The last weekend,
I went to the SAIL event with Lies Verdenius and her family and her friend.
I could ride on her son’s ship!
It was a really precious time for me!

The SAIL event started since its first edition in 1975,SAIL Amsterdam has grown to become the largest public event in the Netherlands  and the largest free nautical event in the world Every five years, in excess of 600 ship navigate along the North Sea Canal before mooring in and around the lJhaven in Amsterdam.

I could see many many many ship! It was really interesting!
I like old style Sailboat.
Also many Dutch people came there with own ship.
Everyone enjoyed event!

I thought I’m a really lucky! because this event hold once a five year.

Thank you Lies and very kind her family and friend.
I will never forget this sailing day.

Rembrandt and Japanese Paper

I went the Rembrandt house last week with Hannie van den Bergh (coordinator of Deshima AIR).
Rembrandt house was the exhibition Rembrandt and Japanese Paper Exhibition.

It was the first time,I saw an old style Amsterdam house from the inside.
They restaurated Rembrandt’s living and working place, where he lived for twenty years.
It looks interesting.
I could see old style paint.

Next thing, I saw Japanese paper exhibition.
Rembrandt made use of preferably a Japanese paper.
I was comparing Japanese paper and European paper print.
On the Japanese paper the etches were more soft than European paper.

I like Japanese paper material.
I could understand Rembrandt likes Japanese paper!!


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The Dutch Light

Nice to meet you.

This is Yoshimi Miyamoto.I’m a painter from Japan.
I’ll stay here three month.

I’d like to study of the Dutch light because I take part in project.
Please to meet you.


Lies Verdenius:

When I was told about the interest of Yoshimi Miyamoto in the Dutch Light, I thought about the exhibition in The Hague in the Gemeentemuseum “Holland op z’n mooist”

(Holland at her most beautiful side). An exhibition of “De Haagse School” , end of the nineteenths century – Mesdag, Weissenbruch, Mauve, Israëls, Gabriël, Roelofs.

So at July 15 we went together to see that exhibition and spend some hours in the museum. Yoshimi was very interested and took a lot of photographs.

In the museum shop she bought a book for children of the exhibition: the old paintings with new elements like cars and playing children. Not as heavy as the official catalogue and much less expensive!

The artist members of the Pulchri Studio were asked to make works in the mind of Mesdag and we visited that exhibition too. I even bought a small beautiful charcoal drawing of the beach at Scheveningen!

Mesdag was the founder of the Pulchri Studio at designed the new exhibitions rooms behind the old building at the Lange Voorhout with beautiful daylight.

At the end of the day we visited my aunt Wimke of 99 years old, who lives in The Hague nearby Kijkduin. Her whole life she painted in watercolour as an amateur in the dunes behind her house. Yoshimi liked, just like me, the house full of beautiful antique furniture and ceramics and we drank tea out of Japanese cups, a present from her nephew, who visited Japan several times for his work.

Dutch bouquets


I learned bouquets in Sas bloemiste.

Tulips are on season in Holland!

It is pretty and amazingly cheap compared to Japan!

First, they taught me the bouquet with white parrot tulips.”

We say this kind of tulip “parrot” same as English.

In Dutch, they say papegaai (parrot in Dutch). It sounds very cute!

10 € with 20 papeggais and rich greens! That never happen in Japan.

They use many greens all the time they make a bouquet.

It makes a bouquet natural. I love it.


They also taught me how to make “Dutch bouquet”.

They pick many kind of flowers one by one.

I heard it is a trend of Holland in these days.

I have never seen this bouquet in Japan.

It is beautiful, looks very natural.

The important thing is making each one flower beautiful in one bouquet.


I thought it is like very Dutch way.


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Today I joined “NATUUR & MILIEU MARKT”.

I had a booth to arrange ikebana flower and

give my information about my flower exhibition in Jun!

Many people showed their interest and it was very encouraging for me!

It was also fun to see around other booths about nature and water!


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Ryoko Nishimura


My favorite skies

I was asked “Where is the favorite place in Canada?”

When I leaver there after my summer holiday when I was 19.

It was hard to make it one
because I visited so many places with my friend’s truck from Vancouver to Edmonton.
I dared to say “sky!”.
I was so surprised when I looked over the huge sky
like 500 times as big as Japanese one just after arriving at the Vancouver airport!
I’ve never forgot of the sky from the back of the truck.
Today, I found I’ve took the same picture everyday
after my stay in Amsterdam for a week.
It is sky.
The sun goes up slowly and goes down the same here.
It’s never big as Canada but the blue when the sun goes down is beautiful.
I can see many kinds of blues before it gets night(Even night, it’s still dark blue).
Bright right sky blue in a day time turns just blue and it goes slowly to cobalt blue.
I love flowers, peoples, the air of the city  here, and the sky too.

Musicians in Amsterdam

Today I visited Ayumi’s house.

She is a  recorder player and teach it in an international school.

She also organize a concert in a church.

I accidentally met Marten,  Ayumi’s fiend there.

He is a pianist and come to go throw a rehearsals with Ayumi

for the next concert on 19th April in the church.

They played Bach with a cembalo and recorder, it was just amazing.

Kids are very happy to grow up in her music.

He talked about when he played organ with choir from Ghana.

“When I finished playing, I was asked ‘Are you from Ghana?’ ”

He say with laughing.

“At first they were not very friendly, but once I played a organ,

We got to be friends quickly,

Music has no borders”

“Same flower” I said it.

Ayumi send me a message at the night.

“I believe that I can sweep away borders between age or culture or position

with this small recorder

It will be beautiful if we can share the same happiness simply with art ”

They invited me to arrange flowers on the next concert!

We Japanese has created a lot of rules for flower in ikebana.

There is no meaning to explain the rule to the world ,

But I also believe it can sweep away borders

that we have confirmed what is beautiful  again and again in the long history.

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1st step to the flower exhibition

I visited a volunteer community with Hannie today

to ask for some help to work out our flower exhibition in a canal.

They clean rubbish in a canal once a month.

It was lucky that they were very cooperative for us!


They offered to us to join the cleaning with a “free boat”!

It was the first time I was on a canal.

The city looked more beautiful than I always see on the ground.

But, I was sorry, there were so many rubbishes in the canal

I didn’t see from the ground…

It is the same as my city Kyoto.

Some people leave them at the beautiful city,

then some people clean it to keep the city beautiful.


Anyway,  we get the possibility to use this wood framed plants box!

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A talk about bee with Hannie


Groede morgen!

This is the very first day in Amsterdam!

I was just unpacking my bags when she visited me.

I actually can’t start talking about my Amsterdam life without her.


She is Hannie van den Bergh, the support member of this

‘deshima AIR’.

We talked about how we manage our flower exhibition,

and the schedule of appointments to see people who will help us.


Then, she invited me to a talk about “bee in the city”.

“Why are bees so important?” I asked,

Flowers won’t bloom without bees.

When bee is fine, the natural circumstance is fine.

“That’s why People here have interest about bee in these days”

We Japanese wouldn’t think that much.

We think making a effort to protect our nature but

our discussion doesn’t reach to the Amsterdam level, I feel.


This is the only first day in Amsterdam.

I’m really excited what’s going to happen tomorrow.


★My Japanese friend in Kyoto city office told me the bee project in Kyoto


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I went to BIMHUIS to see the dance performance on December 1st.

I was so touched!

The performance to attracts is great.

BIMHUIS is big and beautiful 🙂