From the 18th of April till the 18th of May, pole dancer Erika Suganuma will participate in the Deshima AIR program. Erika Suganuma combines flexibility with art and her graceful and elegant style made her the champion of Miss Pole dance Korea in 2014.

Erika is interested in the Dutch Pole dance style and wants to exchange techniques and styles. She is therefore visiting several pole dance studios in Amsterdam and gaining new experiences. To be able to perform at top level Erika is currently continuing her pole dance training at the Elisajo studio’s in Alkmaar and has participated in several workshops at the Chalans pole dance studio. Furthermore, Erika has expressed her interest in Aerial yoga by participating in a variety of workshops and an Aerial photo shoot at the OT301 movement academy. 
Erika gave a performance at Sexyland on the 26th of April.
She performed in the courtyard of the Artists Community Wittenburcht in Amsterdam.

During her stay she collaborated with the photographers Froukje de JongLena Nosulenko and Roos Trommelen.

She collaborated with the artist Moritz Ebinger.