Workshop at Sandberg Institute

Deshima AIR is very happy to invite you for the expert workshop from our recent participant: Toshikazu Marumachi.

Toshikazu Marumachi is a Noh theater performer from Hiroshima, with a background in traditional Noh-theatre and experiences in contemporary performing arts.
During the workshop he will explain about the most important concepts in Noh: Ma 間 , Jo-ha-kyū 序破急 and In-Yō 陰陽.
We will practice deep breathing methods, to achieve deep communication.

This workshop is for artists and performers who want to get a first introduction into Japanese traditional Noh theatre and how to apply these concepts and methods to other artforms.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring some material for making sound (this can be an instrument or a plastic bottle / sheet of paper / cuttelery).

Reservation is required because only a limited number of participants can take part in this workshop (max 10).

Sandberg Institute*
Overschiestraat 188
1062 XK Amsterdam

Wednesday April 12th 2017
2:00 – 4:00 PM
Reservation required:
Max. 10 persons
Admission: donation for the performer

* Thanks to Miyuki Inoue, master student at the Master of Voice, the workshop will take place at the Sandberg Institute.