Participation in the month april 2017

Toshikazu Marumachi is a painter and dancer from Kyoto, who specializes in Noh theatre. During his stay he participated in several performances, held a workshop and conversed a lot of people.

Noh Theatre
Noh is a traditional Japanese art that has been performed since the 14th century. It is the oldest major theatre art that is still regularly performed today. Noh performances are often about a supernatural being that is transformed into a human form as a hero narrating a story. Noh uses masks, costumes and various props, and is a dance-based performance, requiring highly trained actors and musicians.

Before Participating
Before participating Marumachi wanted to see how the local atmosphere and people could be an inspiration and how this would result in art. He wanted to meet local musicians and artists and talk with them and collaborate in performances. Starting a discussion on the cultural differences and the sameness of the two cultures.

My process during participating
“During my stay I got to think about various things. The culture of the words in the Netherlands, the culture of (肚) ‘Hara’ in Japan, the springs of the bed, Why do Dutch people not wear gloves when they’re cold?, Civilization, and the image of Buddha and Christ in the Netherlands.”

Marumachi did various things. He participated in a Jam Session, held a Noh workshop, participated in a workshop from Genetic Choir and collaborated with them and Miyuki Inou at the Dokzaal, performed at the Japanese Garden with Klaas Hekman, and so on.

After the project participation
“By coming to Europe, I was especially able to deepen my understanding of Japan’s culture. I also had to firmly think about how I could put into words the meaning of (肚) ‘Hara’ and (丹田) ‘Tanden’ in English for the workshop and the co-actors for the performances. What I have translated into this language is useful for holding workshops even after returning to Japan. There were many things that I could only understand because there was something to compare, in this case my stay in the Netherlands.”

“His best performances might have been when he collaborated, it gave that ‘extra’. The movements with his body were beautiful, it was more than Noh.’

– Regula Muller, textile artist

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