Kunitada Matsuoka

Final performance of Deshima AIR participant, Kunitada Matsuoka, 14th February Muziekschool Amsterdam Noord

During his stay from the 3rd of February till the 27th of February, Kunitada filled his days with a very busy schedule. His main project was conducting the Amsterdam Youth Symphony Orchestra. For this orchestra he composed a piece called Stories that the wind told. This orchestra performed this piece after three rehearsals in a beautiful concert on the 14th of February in the Muziekschool Amsterdam Noord. This piece will be published in the Netherlands by Highland Music (www.highland-music.nl). In the last week of his stay Kunitada also worked with Jazz pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland (http://oscarjanhoogland.com). Together with oscar he played jazz and he had a small goodbye performance in café the Pianist in Amsterdam.

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