Participation in the months July and August of 2016

Eri Chian is a Butoh dancer. Butoh is a Japanese dance style that has been around for about only 50 years. It is an artistic expression that uses the body to express life and different creatures.

It interweaves kabuki and elements of Japanese dance into one unique style. Chian’s dance style is strong, delicate and emotional. Always unpredictable, and characterized by an emphasis on the physicality of the body.

Eri Chian wanted to give an artistic contribution to the Netherlands, while simultaneously she also wanted to learn about the Dutch and their day-to-day life. She did this through several workshops that she gave about Butoh. These workshops were followed up with an end-presentation of the people who participated in her workshop. She also collaborated with photographer Melanie Palitta in order to take the beautiful pictures you can see here.

I’ve crossed over the threshold of emotions and have grown as a human being as a consequence. I feel blessed and grateful for this experience and for knowing Eri Chian!’

– Yoaskura Megurogawa / Marisa Conde – performer

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