Participation from the 27th of July till September 2015

Yoshimi Miyamoto is a painter from Kyoto, who works with a special technique, that makes her paintings look like beautiful black and white photographs.

Plan before participating
‘Dutch Light’ which was hypothesized to be generated by the Netherlands geographical conditions of the lowlands and humidity. I wanted to research this origin and make it into an opportunity for me to rethink the ‘light’ and capture this in my drawing again, and so I joined Deshima AIR.”

My process during participation
“During the project I went to a lot of the museums in the Netherlands, I especially researched the school of The Hague, which had drawn a lot of landscape paintings of the Netherlands. Also, I got to visit a lot different geographical places, such as Dutch sea, wetlands, hills, and I could observe how light is seen and verify this by comparing it to a picture. With help of the supporting staff, I was able to examine the DVD ‘Dutch light͟’ in detail.

During the project, I wanted to copy a part of Rembrandts painting, or to actually draw a picture based on a photograph I took in the Netherlands and find my own answer of light verification.”

Rembrandt’s light
Yoshimi mentioned her respect for the Dutch master Rembrandt and his way of expressing ‘the light’. She hoped by being in the same environment as him, to discover something about her own pictures, and likewise about how to look at the source of ‘the light’. However, due to her many trips to several museums, Yoshimi witnessed western contemporary art and felt that pursuing this direction was more important for her to develop her art even though this was different from her original purpose.

After the project participation
“Even though it differs from my original goal, I saw the importance of western contemporary art before my eyes and felt the importance of the concept. When talking about my work about that point, I can now talk about the meaning more clearly. While listening to the stories of the various people that I met in the Netherlands, as a pro I became more serious about drawing.”

For my artist book ‘the axe’ I asked Yoshimi to write a haiku in calligraphy and we discussed about the right English translation of this poem. She enjoyed doing this for me, but she also felt a bit nervous about doing calligraphy, which she hadn’t practiced for quite some years. The result was beautiful.’

– Lies Verdenius, printmaker

Please visit her website: >http://www.imuraart.com’/artist/archive/post_19.html <

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