The Dutch Light

Nice to meet you.

This is Yoshimi Miyamoto.I’m a painter from Japan.
I’ll stay here three month.

I’d like to study of the Dutch light because I take part in project.
Please to meet you.


Lies Verdenius:

When I was told about the interest of Yoshimi Miyamoto in the Dutch Light, I thought about the exhibition in The Hague in the Gemeentemuseum “Holland op z’n mooist”

(Holland at her most beautiful side). An exhibition of “De Haagse School” , end of the nineteenths century – Mesdag, Weissenbruch, Mauve, Israëls, Gabriël, Roelofs.

So at July 15 we went together to see that exhibition and spend some hours in the museum. Yoshimi was very interested and took a lot of photographs.

In the museum shop she bought a book for children of the exhibition: the old paintings with new elements like cars and playing children. Not as heavy as the official catalogue and much less expensive!

The artist members of the Pulchri Studio were asked to make works in the mind of Mesdag and we visited that exhibition too. I even bought a small beautiful charcoal drawing of the beach at Scheveningen!

Mesdag was the founder of the Pulchri Studio at designed the new exhibitions rooms behind the old building at the Lange Voorhout with beautiful daylight.

At the end of the day we visited my aunt Wimke of 99 years old, who lives in The Hague nearby Kijkduin. Her whole life she painted in watercolour as an amateur in the dunes behind her house. Yoshimi liked, just like me, the house full of beautiful antique furniture and ceramics and we drank tea out of Japanese cups, a present from her nephew, who visited Japan several times for his work.

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