I visited Den Haag with Lies Verdenius yesterday.

I went to the “PANORAMA MESDAG”
I watched wonderful painting.

Mesdag painted seascape,120 metres in circumference and 14 metres high.
I will never forget this place so great!

than I visited real sea in the Den Haag.
nice place!

DSC_0401 DSC_0389

Lies Verdenius:

At July 24 we visited The Hague again. I had to pick up my drawing at the Pulchri Studio. A new exhibition was installed, so we could look at this too.

Then we did go to the Panorama Mesdag by bike and also me, I saw for the first time this impressive panorama of Scheveningen at 1880. It is really an experience! As if you are really at the top of a dune, looking around.

We went by car to the real beach at Scheveningen harbour and went into the sand to the sea. Yoshimi is a dreamer: she was standing in the sea for a long time, looking at her feet surrounded by the waves and she made lot of photographs of that.

I wanted to show her the real dunes as well, so we went on to Kijkduin and made a small trip by bike in the dunes.

Real tired we went at last to my aunt again for tea and stories.

We looked at an old book with photographs of her and my dad and uncle at the age of 6 years old, so that was 1921! Yoshimi liked them very much.

My aunt said to me that she enjoyed Yoshimi’s beautiful face so much.

She hopes that we are coming back soon to visit her.

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