Dutch bouquets


I learned bouquets in Sas bloemiste.

Tulips are on season in Holland!

It is pretty and amazingly cheap compared to Japan!

First, they taught me the bouquet with white parrot tulips.”

We say this kind of tulip “parrot” same as English.

In Dutch, they say papegaai (parrot in Dutch). It sounds very cute!

10 € with 20 papeggais and rich greens! That never happen in Japan.

They use many greens all the time they make a bouquet.

It makes a bouquet natural. I love it.


They also taught me how to make “Dutch bouquet”.

They pick many kind of flowers one by one.

I heard it is a trend of Holland in these days.

I have never seen this bouquet in Japan.

It is beautiful, looks very natural.

The important thing is making each one flower beautiful in one bouquet.


I thought it is like very Dutch way.


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