About “thank you”


Everybody I have met in Holland is all nice,

includes the members of Sas blomiste the flower shop where I intern for a week.


Sas blomiste is in beautiful small town Edam, 20 minutes by a bus driving north of Amsterdam.

We can see  fresh flowers when we first enter the shop,

and it made in glass house the back of the shop.

It is fill sunshine of  whole store under the sky of Holland which has mach more long day than Japan.

The sunshine also light to well displayed vases and plants.

They have also nice garden and we can find many kind of plants there.

Those flowers, plants and vases fly off the store.

They introduce me to customers as “Japanse stagiair”.

One lady told me, “So you are in heaven now”.

I agree.


The mambers are as nice as the shop.

They are all friendly, cheerful and talk to me in English with no hesitation.

I have many things I can not do

but they rather try to focus what I can do and teach me many things as much as possible.


I always said “sorry” when I made a small mistake

like Japanese do (We say “sorry ” lightly ).

They told me “Don’t say sorry, we are proud of you”

So I tried to say  “Thank you ” instead of “Sorry”

Then they told me “Don’t say thank you , we just do what we want to”.


I saw difference between cultures.

There is no right nor wrong.

I like to say and hear “thank you “.

But it is also nice that they do something for someone natural

with no “thank you”.


At the day supposed to be end of my intern,

they gave me a photo book of Holland with their messages!!

Happily, they still have something to teach me and

I will intern more in their shop!


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