Bach and Spiraea


I will present my flower work to a concert at Maarten Luther Kerk.

While the play “Sonata for violin and harpsichord No. 3, BWV 1016”,

I will exhibit arranging ikebana work.


Today, they had a rehearsal.

I took cherry blossoms, roses, and spiraeas.

And vases are created by Marten, the pianist.


I did not so much interesting “a collaboration of music and flower”.

But today, I felt it when I hold a spiraea,

“it suits with Bach”.


I was surprised what I felt and my hands stopped.

I have never felt like that.

But two musicians also stopped their hands and told me

it is beautiful.

I was moved close to crying.

The sonata of Bach they were playing was beautiful and

spiraea were really suit with it.

We all felt same things beautiful.


I always try to arrange flowers to suit each places.

Musics make an air at the place.

Now I believe there is a flower suit to the music

and that flower will break the language barriers.


Ayumi, Marten, Thank you for telling me about it.


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