My favorite skies

I was asked “Where is the favorite place in Canada?”

When I leaver there after my summer holiday when I was 19.

It was hard to make it one
because I visited so many places with my friend’s truck from Vancouver to Edmonton.
I dared to say “sky!”.
I was so surprised when I looked over the huge sky
like 500 times as big as Japanese one just after arriving at the Vancouver airport!
I’ve never forgot of the sky from the back of the truck.
Today, I found I’ve took the same picture everyday
after my stay in Amsterdam for a week.
It is sky.
The sun goes up slowly and goes down the same here.
It’s never big as Canada but the blue when the sun goes down is beautiful.
I can see many kinds of blues before it gets night(Even night, it’s still dark blue).
Bright right sky blue in a day time turns just blue and it goes slowly to cobalt blue.
I love flowers, peoples, the air of the city  here, and the sky too.

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