Musicians in Amsterdam

Today I visited Ayumi’s house.

She is a  recorder player and teach it in an international school.

She also organize a concert in a church.

I accidentally met Marten,  Ayumi’s fiend there.

He is a pianist and come to go throw a rehearsals with Ayumi

for the next concert on 19th April in the church.

They played Bach with a cembalo and recorder, it was just amazing.

Kids are very happy to grow up in her music.

He talked about when he played organ with choir from Ghana.

“When I finished playing, I was asked ‘Are you from Ghana?’ ”

He say with laughing.

“At first they were not very friendly, but once I played a organ,

We got to be friends quickly,

Music has no borders”

“Same flower” I said it.

Ayumi send me a message at the night.

“I believe that I can sweep away borders between age or culture or position

with this small recorder

It will be beautiful if we can share the same happiness simply with art ”

They invited me to arrange flowers on the next concert!

We Japanese has created a lot of rules for flower in ikebana.

There is no meaning to explain the rule to the world ,

But I also believe it can sweep away borders

that we have confirmed what is beautiful  again and again in the long history.

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