Doe maar gewoon


Somehow, I don’t feel being a stranger in this city, Amsterdam.

Almost all Dutch people (also non Dutch people) talk to me naturally

in English while I just studied Dutch language a little.

I can hear many accented English in the whole city where

nobody care about my Japanese accent and broken grammar.

That makes me easier to speak English for me.


Today, my friend Martha walked around the city with me.

She went along with me and told me more.

Dutch culture is working out differences between

where they were born or their position or their age.

And she continuted telling that one idea will be at the bottom of

Holland, especially Amsterdam.

“Doe maar gewoon”

It’s a little tough for me to translate Dutch into English,

“Be natural ” or “Go to your natural way” .


Now, the city is  filled of the air that they have thought so for hundreds years in Amsterdam.

If I call the air, it would be “freedom”


In this Evening, I went to her place and she cooked me “Martha dish”.

I loved it.

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