A talk about bee with Hannie


Groede morgen!

This is the very first day in Amsterdam!

I was just unpacking my bags when she visited me.

I actually can’t start talking about my Amsterdam life without her.


She is Hannie van den Bergh, the support member of this

‘deshima AIR’.

We talked about how we manage our flower exhibition,

and the schedule of appointments to see people who will help us.


Then, she invited me to a talk about “bee in the city”.

“Why are bees so important?” I asked,

Flowers won’t bloom without bees.

When bee is fine, the natural circumstance is fine.

“That’s why People here have interest about bee in these days”

We Japanese wouldn’t think that much.

We think making a effort to protect our nature but

our discussion doesn’t reach to the Amsterdam level, I feel.


This is the only first day in Amsterdam.

I’m really excited what’s going to happen tomorrow.


★My Japanese friend in Kyoto city office told me the bee project in Kyoto



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