Ryoko Nishimura


I am Ryoko Nishimura, an ikebana artist. from Kyoto, Japan.

I’ve come to Amsterdam to see how Dutch people love flowers and live with them.

I will stay here for 3 months then I hold a flower exhibition in the last terms of my stay.


Ikebana is a Japanese tradition,

but I don’t think it’s only a tradition.

Ikebana has many rules we created in the long history.

But I think the rules and traditional shapes aren’t the most important thing.

I say, ikebana is,  trying to image something unvisiable on the flower.

Or, arranging flowers to make something visiable.

Blowing wind, seasonal changes, someone’s heart, attractions of the place, history of the city…

Even Japanese people will say “ikebana is complicated” but

If you just can feel those things on flower whether you can’t arrange flowers in the traditional way,

ikebana is your side.

Ikebana is imagination.


I’d like to tell that to Dutch people, and Japanese people.

Hannie (8)








Ryoko Nishimura
Website; http://florist-westvillage.com/

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