Participation from the 29th of July till the 30th of August 2014

Hiroki Yokoyama is an artist that focusses on local activation, music, dance and theatre performance from Osaka.

Plan before participating
“I planned to hold a green tea cheese fondue party, with a green and yellow dress code. I was thinking about several elements, such as the band’s music and the Japanese bon bon dance. I also considered what rules there should be about dipping in the pot of cheese. Also that it would have been the best if we could find a sponsor.”

My process during participation
“I contacted a band called Swedish Marching band and even though they were interested, they could not come, because our schedules did not match. However, instead of this, a locally living Japanese person provided me with a DJ. Also, for the people whom might show up that did not know about the dress code, I bought green and yellow cloth in preparation on the market. I had issues with deciding on where I wanted to hold the party, so Hannie gave me the studio garden, in which, with the help of the rest of the support staff, a lot of people gathered. And I bought a green and yellow cloth on the market so that someone who jumps without knowing the dress code may come. As I was not able to decide the place easily, Hannie gave me a studio garden, and with the help of the other support staff, a lot of people gathered. Also as a result of my residence period the climate was good enough to stay outdoors as it was summer.”

Cheese and Green tea
The potluck savory dance was a big ‘Green tea Cheese fondue party’ in which Hiroki brought the Dutch and Japanese closer together through cooking, dance and song. In order for Hiroki to prepare for his potluck savory dance, he visited the cheese market in Gouda and Edam, and also went to the island of Texel to visit several farms and cheese shops.

After the project participation
“One year after my participation in 2014, I did a performance in the city of Wroclaw in Poland at the City’s art festival with polish cheese and Japanese green tea. I would not have been able to do this, without my experience from Amsterdam. So I was really happy to have been able to perform in Amsterdam.”

Hiroki makes performance art out of daily life encounters and through his Green Tea Cheese Fondue Party brought different people together.’

– Ellie Duinker, Photographer and textile designer

Please visit his website: Hiroki Yokoyama

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