fun!fun!fun!! 3rd


I very enjoy,Ams. so!

I love walk around at Red light area!

In Japan,almost close for sexuality topic. about prosusitute too:(.

at resalt, risk increase, under ground too.

I want find a good way, through sexual education:)

Cause, sexual security feeling very important

Holland very trelance about LGBT.

I went Gay club, Draag Queen night very join.

I was bon dance(Japanease traditional folksy dance) ,
develop club arrenge:D yeah!

I want view theatre.
I want go act ,dance work shop too!!

AAAh! not enough for stay of one month:d

I want come here .I have already,though:)

open discussion,
14th 16:00-18:00
tozai travel 2f

please come here:D




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