Hiroki Yokoyama

Participation from the 29th of July till the 30th of August 2014

“In preparation for my Potluck savoury dance, there were people who took me to cheese farms, a boat tour and prepared a venue for me”

Hiroki Yokoyama

Hiroki Yokoyama is an artist that focusses on local activation, music, dance and theatre performance from Osaka. For his stay with us at Deshima AIR, Yokoyama organized a potluck savoury dance at the garden of the Wittenburger studio. This potluck savoury dance was a big “green tea cheese fondue party” in which he brought the Dutch and Japanese closer together through cooking, dance and song.

In order for Yokoyama to prepare for his potluck savoury dance, he visited the cheese market in Gouda and Edam, and also went to the island of Texel to visit several farms and cheese shops.

“Hiroki makes performance art out of daily life encounters and through his Green Tea Cheese Fondue Party brought different people together.”

Ellie Duinker, Photographer and textile designer


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