Participation from the 7th of April till the 2nd of May 2014

Maya Ichikawa is a dancer/choreograph from Kyoto and came to the Netherlands to gain experience working with a diverse group of people. Before she came she had done choreography with pillows and wanted to incorporate this into a workshop in which everyone could participate in.

Plan before participating
“I had already made a work (choreography) using the ‘Makura throw͟’. I thought of how I could make this in to a workshop and how to make it enjoyable for various people.”

My process during participation
“I held a total of 5 workshops (terakoya, Yoga class, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Vondelpark (king’s day) and OT 301). Also the ages of the participants and their level of experience was different. Eventually I got to be able to take from the workshop to showing in one program. Local people taught me lullabies I tried using it in the workshop and while holding a pillow I would research about my dreams. Afterwards, I got the opportunity to hold my workshop in Japan as well.”

Kyoto Dance Exchange
Ichikawa is a dancer whom is part of the Kyoto Dance Exchange (KDE), which was established in 2008. Their company members’ ages range from being in their 20s to 70s, and most do not have any formal dance training or education, nor what is considered to be a typical dancer’s body. Ichikawa is their representative.

After the project participation
“Is the most important thing that I am living in the Netherlands now? I also took the opportunity to become Deshima AIR’s support member last year. Originally I was engaged in community dance activities, so I had many opportunities to meet people, but it was an opportunity to test this even if it could pass in other countries (even if there was a language barrier). Also, activities to connect the Netherlands and Japan increased, I became acquainted with many friends and artists, and I was able to perform the performances hosted by myself twice since I lived here. I am happy that I got a wide range of connections. Of course, doing workshops as a job in various places after Deshima AIR is a wonderful experience. Also the opportunities to do workshops for children have increased.”

Beautiful soul minded creature, she has become more than just someone I know.’

– Monica Stepak, dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher

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