WS at Okido Yoga studio, Rietveld Academie


23  Apr. At the yoga studio.

We had to borrow your yoga classroom towards the project members Rassharu through this day.

Participants 11 people, including me. The person who bisiness thought towards its acquaintance, to be a yoga class or a normal person who is learning and Culture Centre is the Japanese, also, who Rassharu involved in the project, the more variety was please hope you’llcome.

stretch with each other is called the First name, using the pillow. I should be doing in high spirits and you split. Throw pillows in the place that has been unwound and body.  innocently, I’ll play boldly. Or try doing changing the rules a little.

After that, I had talked about “a restful place, your favorite places” theme.

where he was Dari thoughtful but, after all, wonder if there is a fixed location is one in the mind? I felt.

gestures and are talking that, from the image of the place, we will remove it to make a movement. himself, eh? It Did not work like this? How was such a cut-out. • by connecting is done with sound, it.

even though I did not only a brief description of the sound, I was surprised to really figure you get along without hesitation. In particular, do not restlessly who was alone at the time of silence, and I was impressed to have spent the time quietly

25Apr At Rietveld Academy

you have never had direct only once this day , we made room of glass under .. , of the University of ” Glass Pavilion ” person of the graduates of this university support .

anyone I did not gather at first, but after a while over the announcement , in the ” here  The I heard ‘ll throw pillow ? And “were under .. under .. , Professor joined two rushed anything of people a very reluctant . Also, People willing to visit because it is glass , there were many .

The procedure is the same as in yoga , but the theme at this time , ” What is a dream of your childhood ?” Can you ashamed ? And I thought , but it seems to get used to people of this country that announce in front of people , and gave me the answer , even remembering , and lucidly comparatively .

In addition , the relationship between professor and student in extremely flat , did not have a thing called “wall” from before the throw pillow .

In order to get rid of the walls of the generation in particular, those that “play” is I or was necessary in the case of Japan, but there was and is surprised that he’s not the case. And, there is only art school, and the people feeling very good, I was able to dance dance also over the music in there is no indication of words.Image

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