プロジェクトパートナーのえみこさんとRitveld Academieの卒業生のEllieとで。







April 28. Talk with people to attend choreography course this day. It is as if we had planned to WS originally, but it was not carried out because it was and could not notice much, of the condition of each other. Sometimes it is from Kansai in the same age with her, it is possible to speak without putting on airs. And that of the performance she went to a little before, that I felt for the throw pillow so far. That of the Netherlands, about Japan. I’m not here to stay only a short time, but really, this project has met a lot of people really chance, I had the opportunity to speak.

It was felt terribly, I thought whereas there is a (care) between the generation in Japan, the Netherlands that’s very flat. I think it is that there is a little of course, but I did not feel almost. Various race I live a lot, it seems to be accepted at first glance, but, in fact, to be or not. Most people are forgiving, and very kind, but I felt like there is also a kind of one side.

I thought because it was carried out in a short period of time in various places WS, it was a very necessary time to spit out that you felt that it was talk doing this.


April 29. I go to the place where the final performance. Ellie and the graduates of Ritveld Academie and Emiko of project partners. Mr. Ellie’s specialty is textile. After visiting, I told summarizes the thinking of yesterday. Thereupon, I spoke at a coffee shop How to use studio, what to do with the structure of the performance. Have come to Japan she, and the difference of both countries, and was able to speak about the place that does not change. It was a very good time towards the performance of tomorrow.

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  1. 頑張っていますね!滞在はあと数日ですが、良い思い出をいっぱい持ち帰ってきてください。Kohei Ichikawa, from Osaka Japan

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