King’s day

It is the birthday of the King today.
City will be orange.
Is a festival!
I made ​​a throw pillow in the Vondelpark today.
Children have also put a lot of participants.
I do not know what will happen because it carried out guerrilla.
But, I played innocently everyone.
Throwing we will change in that the child is added.
That was to a very natural.

So far, yoga classes, a retriever Fell Academy, was also done.
Leaves I only leave the school with a choreography course, the last performance.

DSC06981 (4)

DSC07007 (4)

One month of a blink.
Lots of tulips, Easter, and the King’s day.
There are a lot happening, but there are also a lot happy.

What I will make with the rest of the time?

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