“3.11” I left Japan for Amsterdam on March 11th.

CentraalToday is March 23th. It’s been 13days since I came hehe.

Hannie taught me to write this blog yesterday so I try to write now.

I’ m really not good at English. But, I’ ll try to write this blog in Engrish.

Because, I didn’ t take my laptop so,I’ m writing this at OBA(biblioteek).

This PC can’ t use Japanese!!!


Theme of my project is ”OMIYAGE”

I’ d like to express charm of Amsterdam (Holland) by my works.

Behind my project, there is a reration to Tohoku-big- earthquake 3 years ago.

The earthquake brought us many sad things.

But, we got several good things.

For example, we Japanese could notice that we have connection with foreign countries.

Even elderly people who live country side as well.( I mean It’ s my parents and grand mother. My hometown is Miyagi)

I think ”OMIYAGE” (souvenir) is good way to express local charms and difference of cultures.

I want to introduce about foreign countries by my works to Japanese.

In this time, It’s Amsterdam.

(Natsuko Kitamura)

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