What we offer

Deshima AIR project consists of a team of professionals from different fields.

Due to the extensive network that they maintain, they can effectively and quickly access various agencies and individuals in the cultural melting pot of Amsterdam (Netherlands).
The team also has a strong relationship with Japanese culture and is thus known by travel and encounters.

1. Introducing the Amsterdam culture
2. Help with the selection of the study and coordination during the stay
3. Interpreter / translator during the artist talk (this is not a full-time service)
4. Local partner organizations to co-operate with
5. The organization of the final presentation at the JCC, as well as the provision of promotional materials

Recommendation Letter from the Deshima AIR to be eligible for financial compensation from other organizations.

Application for a special permit is not required, you stay with a tourist visa (valid for 90 days, with a tourist visa you can not work within the Netherlands or participate in commercial activities).