Project Team

Deshima AIR project consists of a team of professionals from different fields. Due to the extensive network that they maintain, they can effectively and quickly access various agencies and individuals in the cultural melting pot of Amsterdam (Netherlands). The team also has a strong relationship with Japanese culture and is thus known by travel and encounters.
Deshima AIR is an initiative from Studio HB.redBorder_dash

Hannie van den Bergh

Co-founder and curator Deshima AIR. She is based in Amsterdam and works as Graphic Designer, Artist, and in the field of visual communication (social design, community art). She lived in Tokyo and Kyoto for several months as an AIR. She has a broad network in the arts & design in the cultural scene of Amsterdam /Netherlands. STUDIO HB

Sigrid Postema

Living in Amsterdam and interested in the Japanese language and culture and trying to bring the Dutch and Japanese culture together in her work. As a violin (fiddle) player she is often surrounded by music and other musicians.     lineOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lies Verdenius

The work of Lies Verdenius – graphic artist – has been influenced by the Japanese Culture for a long time. Especially the woodcut prints of the nineteenth Century: the composition, the use of different layers of colour and the atmosphere of these prints can be recognised in the lithographs of Lies Verdenius. In 2012 Lies stayed for 6 weeks in Kyoto, Japan as an Artist in Residence and she was inspired by the wooden temples and Japanese gardens. The results were ink drawings and rubbings of wood. http://www.liesverdenius.nlline

Maya Ishikawa
Maya Ishikawa was a participant of Deshima AIR in 2014. Since then she moved to the Netherlands as a choreographer and dancer. She has a broad network in the dance scene both in the Netherlands and in Japan.
She’s a member of gdcc (global data collection company) en Kyoto Dance Exchange


Yumi Kato

Director of NPO “Kodomo Art (Children and art)” NPO “Kodomo Art “


Support members


Ayumi Matsuda

Ayumi Matsuda is a musician and a teacher of Alexander technique. She lives in Amsterdam since 1996. She plays recorder and flute, she’s been travelling many countries for concert. She teaches the recorder and Alexander technique,which helps many musicians for playing position. She has been organizing many other activities for children in past few years. line

Nel Pak
Nel Pak makes drawings, wood prints and is working on the ‘Archive’. To find out more about ink painting traditions of the Far East she traveled four times to Japan since 2009 and in 2011  to Korea. and


Hinke Bruinsma
Hinke Bruinsma makes drawing and installations. She travelled several times to Japan, where her son is living and working. She practices zen meditation. In 2016 she hosted Hisako Kawakami in her house in Amsterdam.
Website Hinke Bruinsma


Regula Muller
As a Swiss, Regula has a big love for nature, which brought her to Japan. She makes sculptures, installations and collages with a variety of materials. In 2017 she hosted the two participants Toshi and Erika. Website Regula Muller


Nishiko is a Japanese artist, currently lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands. She makes installations and books. She’s a member of Hope Step Japan, a collective of Japanese residents in the Netherlands who are concerned with issues that have arisen since the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011, called “311″ in Japan.  Website Nishiko


Tashi Iwaoka is an Amsterdam based performance artist/mover.

After his first Butoh experiences in 1997 with Kazuo Ohno and Kim Itoh in Japan, Iwaoka practiced Butoh based bodywork for over 10 years. Iwaoka is one the founders of Ehkä-production, an international collective of independent performance and dance makers, based in Turku, Finland.
Website Tashi Iwaoka


Annelinde de Jong

Annelinde de Jong works as an independent artist and art teacher. She makes drawings, paintings, installations, furniture and video.
She traveled several times to Japan to study calligraphy and papermaking. During these travels she gave courses in drawing and painting to children and youngsters. Annelinde de Jong



Alex de Wolf

After graduating from art school, he started working as a children’s book illustrator. Some of his books, originally published in the Netherlands, were translated into foreign languages even in Chinese, Japanese and Korean! A long standing admiration for the arts of Japan prompted him to visit Japan country more then one’s. He taught open-air painting classes for adults and led workshops for children.
Website Alex de Wolf  line


Shusaku Takeuchi

Shusaku Takeuchi studied art and design in Japan. He moved to the Netherlands and founded his own company in 1974, combined visual art and physical expression. He specializes in mime and dance, and has given performes all over the world.line





Estuko Nosaka
Etsuko Nozaka is a prolific Japanese translator of Dutch, English, and French children’s literature. She is also a founding member of the International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA), being in charge of international projects. She gives intensive lectures and workshops on kamishibai both at home and abroad.line





Emiko Chujo
Living in Amsterdam since 2000, working as a web designer and event organizer. She’s founder and owner of JCE, Japan Cultural Exchange redBorder_dash