banner_ams5 Since 2013, Deshima AIR Amsterdam has been receiving various Japanese participants.

Participants / 2016

Ms. Eri Chian

Period of residency: July 2016 Occupation: Butoh dancer Target: It is a dance called Butoh. It is artistic expression close to the body representation.
Also it has a unique type interwoven Kabuki and elements of Japanese dance.
Spirit and, thinking, it is an expression that has to take care of the feelings.
It will be also different from that of the concept of dance.
I think  perform an artistic contribution to Dutch society through dance.
Of thought and the Netherlands of the country, also the people of thought, I want to learn, such as social. That I want to naturally learn in the day-to-day life.
The difference between Japanese I also want to learn. Website: facebook Eri Chian


Ms. Hisako Kawakami 

Period of residency: May-July 2016 Occupation: Photographer Target: Hisako Kawakami is Japanese photographer, based in Tokyo. She studied photography at the Tokyo University of the Arts.During her stay at Deshima AIR Amsterdam she uses a 35 mm analog camera to make snapshots. She tries to catch the imperfect moment; both for the subject (the person/object photographed) as for the photographer.

For the workshop she used her Amsterdam photographs as a starting point for ‘re-memories’. She invited the participants to write a story with one of her photographs in mind. Both the memory of the text and the memory of the picture will melt into a new memory. At the end of the workshop she will combine all the memories and pictures into one book.

Hisako Kawakami, Photographer from Tokyo


Participants / 2015

Ms. Yoshimi Miyamoto

Period of residency: July – Sept 2015 Occupation: Painter Target: I’m interested in “the light” in Nederland when I wonder how I express “the light” on the painting. Rembrandt expressed “the light” splendidly in Nederland where is low ground and high humidity geographically. It’s very important for me that I investigate the Dutch light as to my picture. As I’ll participate in Deshima AIR, I’ll feel the original wind in Nederland. I’ll have a chance to discover the something of my picture as well as looking about for the source of “the light”. Website:


Ms. Ryoko Nishimura

Period of residency: April-June 2015 Occupation: Ikebana (flower arrangement) from Kyoto Target:  Learning flower culture in the Netherlands will work for my sense of ikebana. I have been into the connection between people and flowers in ikebana. But I had lessons of flower arrangement as a matter of my working flower shop. I faced to the difference between flower arrangement and ikebana. It made my concept for ikebana get deeper, eventually I got important concept “imagination” of ikebana as below answer. I choose the Netherlands for learning floral culture because they have long history of flowers and it still works now. Website: Deshima AIR Blog: Ryoko’s blog


Mr. Kunitada Matsuoka

Period of residency: Febr-March 2015 Occupation: composer, hornist and conductor from Tokyo Target: I would like study ,how introduced Dutch music in Edo period Japan.
And i would like to simulate the results ,how collaborate musically at the time Dutch and Japanese.
I want to play with the students of the Conservatory of period instrument some music performance.

2015-02-14 15.30.49.jpgsanaeIMG_3934.jpgredBorder_dash

Participants / 2014

Ms. Sanae Hamazaki

Period of residency: Oct – Dec 2014 Occupation: Performer, Artist Target: I’m a dancer, I thought that it would be a chance and challenge for me to see how is my ability in international level. I’d like to see how people react on my dance style, how people like it, and also I want to get more technique and more expression in my dance skill. I’d love to meet more people and culture, I think that this is something you can’t get in Japan.That will give big influence to my idea of dance and for sure, I’ll grow up by such experiences.

Ms. Maki Miyakai

Period of residency: Sept 2014 Occupation: Performer, Artist Target: I do performances and creating and acting on stage. When I put more different elements, especially something about society, I felt much more satisfied and successful. The Netherland is special country, society cares of the rights of minorities. I’m doing the supportive action for HIV patients and sexual minorities. For me, those supportive activities and artistic performances are connected above the same horizon. I’d like to study the reason of Dutch society and mentality, and some tip from local people. I’d like to show my work for immigrants and people with handicap, sexual minorities and prostitutes, I’d like to tell about the sexual health and understanding through my performances and picture book.

Mr. Hiroki Yokoyama

Period of residency: Aug 2014 Occupation: Performer, Artist, Musician Target: Make an event “Potluck Savory Dance” named by me. And this time, I would like to hold
a big “Green tea Cheese Fondue Party”, with simple dance, song, cooking and clothes colored by green and yellow(the colors of green tea and cheese) by a large number of the people. I would like the people to bring some ingredients for green cheese fondue and some instruments(it’s enough if it can make sounds) and to come with clothes colored by green or yellow. I will recruit volunteers as the member of this project, and they and I will show and teach them about the way to dance, to sing, and cook (that will be simple).
Before the event, I’d like to make propaganda (by parade, performance, drawing or something. And hopefully I invite donation for the event.

Hiroki in a shoeKyoto station

Ms. Haruna Kawanishi

Period of residency: May – July 2014 Occupation: Photographer Target: I am an artist who is exploring the stories through photographs. My art shows that we can share the 3 dimensional scenery. The things are really happening, and you can absorb it by many ways. It is difficult to accept the reality without interpretation, because of the system of human beings. The photographs takes the reality or truth, but it is not the truth at the same time. Every human beings are creating and looking their own stories. The image which you’re looking at is your alter ego, also the alter ego of the audiences. The most important thing is to share the same scenery. That’s the power of story, and I’m believing in it. I’d like to make some pictures with the local dancers. I’d also like to study photography ( in local school or association?) I’m a member of NPO “Tokyo-ga”, and they will have exhibition in France in 2015, and I’d like to do something about it. I’d like to absorb everything which is good for photography . I’d also like to understand the local art scene and galleries. Website:

Ms. Maya Ichikawa

Period of residency: 7 April – 2 May 2014 Occupation: Choreographer, dancer (contemporary and community dance) Target: Organising many workshops in different locations with diverse groups of people. The workshop starts off as a pillow fight( a pillow fight in Japan refers to people throwing pillows at each other) and it will eventually lead towards a choreographed danc e performance. As a final result of her project she created a final dance performance: “Throw a dream”. This final performance is based on the previous workshops, including the former participants of these workshops as well. Website: Deshima AIR Blog: Maya’s blog

Ms. Natsuko Kitamura

Period of residency: 12 March – 6 April 2014 Occupation: Artist (Craft, sculpture, paint) Target: Omiyage is the Japanese word for “souvenir”. However, there a slight difference in meaning, as Omiyage includes a meaning that surpasses that of a mere souvenir. Ms.Natsuko Kitamura wanted to create her own omiyage based on her own experiences in the Netherlands and the charming aspects of Dutch culture that she discovered during her stay here. Her omiyage can convey a great story of the Netherlands to her family and friends. The OMIYAGE project is an on-going project. She will pass on the omiyage to other places and create new omiyage based on other places. Website: Deshima AIR Blog: Natsuko’s blog

Natsuko (1).jpg

Mr. Ichiro Mori

Period of residency: 13 February – 10 March 2014 Occupation: Artist (Craft, sculpture) Target: To search of Bizen ware for Dutch people. There are many Dutch families who kept Bizen plates for a week, and they tried to use it for their daily meals. He was also searching for the possibility for future design, which can be good for European market. He did reserch of Dutch life style. Website: Deshima AIR Blog: Ichiro’s blog


Participants / 2013

Mr. Yasuyoshi Botan

Period of residency: 8 August – 8 September 2013 (1 month) Occupation: Artist, painter Target: Exploration Dutch paints and colors. He likes Dutch paint “Old Holland”the best, he wanted find the reason and secret of it. He did the research of Dutch color variations, and made presentation of “Color Palette” of the Netherlands and Japan with beautiful drawings. Website: Deshima AIR Blog: Botan’s blog

Ms. Nao Sugaya

Period of residency: 20 July – 7 August 2013 (3 weeks) Occupation: Artist (research) Target: How to make the society works with diverse background? Research of the system of “the fear to others” in the society. Visiting each areas in Amsterdam and interview people “Where is most dangerous area in Amsterdam?”, she created a short video and mapping by the answers. Website: Deshima AIR Blog: Nao’s blog

Mr. Akira Sakai

Period of residency: 8 May – 8 July 2013 (2 months) Occupation: Cafe management, musician Target: Learning the Dutch cafe culture. The way of communication with customers, and interviewing people “What’s cafe for you?” in Amsterdam. Search for Dutch recipe for his cafe in Japan. Deshima AIR Blog: Akira’s blog

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