2018 – Visual Letters Workshop by Yumi Ito

Thursday the 17th of May Deshima AIR organizes an ispiring workshop where art, culture, and conveying a message are at the center. Under the guidance of Yumi Ito, you will able to get in contact with a variety of means and ways to communicate and actually see how communication is influenced by art and culture, but also how art and culture are means for that communication.

In may of this year Japanese artist Yumi Ito will be a participant for the Artist in Residency Deshima AIR. She is a fashion designer and textile artist. During her previous visit to the Netherlands she did research on the archives of Deshima and found the correspondence from the 18th century between the Japanese Masatsuna Kutsuki and the Dutch ‘chief’ Isaac Titsingh. This inspired her to organize a workshop where she will guidance you in making a letter for someone who is dear to you. However, this letter won’t be written with pen and paper, but by the use of other materials visualized in another way. This way words will be transformed into a visual message.

Overview data
When: Thursday May 17th 2018, 18.30 ~ 21.00
Where: Studio HB – 3e Wittenburgerdwarsstraat 1, 1018 KR Amsterdam
Costs: Free donation
Necessities: all materials will be taken care of for both workshops. You are always free to bring your own.

Are you interested in participating? Please send an email to: deshima.air@gmail.com